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Kid's Corner
July Marshmallow Shooter

July Marshmallow Shooter Supplies from Your Ace Hardware
Item Description Qty.* Ace SKU # OM
1/2” PVC pipe (24” total)
2 1/2” pc, 3” pc, 4 1/2” pc, 5” pc, 9” pc
1 42189 10
PVC Pipe Cutter 1 48183 1
2, elbow connectors for 1/2” PVC 1 43122 25
1, T connector for 1/2” PVC 1 43142 25
1 cap for 1/2” PVC 1 43155 25
1 coupling for 1/2” PVC 1 43104 25
Ziploc Baggies 1 6008445 12
Duct Tape 1 42919 12
Electrical tape, red 1 3039203 12
Electrical tape, blue 1 3039211 12
Other Supplies Needed: Mini-Marshmallows
* Please keep in mind the above quantities are designed for 25 projects, so quantities will vary depending on the number of participants.

  • Pre-Project: Cut PVC pipe into the sizes instructed above (each shooter requires one piece of each size)
  • Project: Insert the 3” piece of PVC into the coupling
  • Connect the elbow to the 3” piece
  • Insert the 4 1/2” PVC into the elbow
  • Connect the T connector to the 4 1/2” piece of PVC
  • At the left side of the T connector, insert the 9” PVC piece
  • At the right side of the T connector, insert the 5” PVC piece
  • Connect the second elbow to the 5” piece of PVC
  • Insert the 2 1/2” PVC piece into the elbow
  • Put a cap on the 2 1/2” PVC piece
  • Decorate the PVC pipes with the red and blue electrical tape to make it festive for the 4th of July holiday
  • Fill each baggy with mini marshmallows and duct tape it on to each kids shooter for easy loading
  • REMIND CHILDREN TO ONLY USE SHOOTERS OUTDOORS – marshmallows do stick to carpeting/flooring

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