h Ace Hardware, Serving Burley and Rupert and all of Southern Idaho

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Our Store Locations

Ace Hardware in Burley, Idaho

Burley Ace Hardware

2556 Overland Ave
Burley, Idaho 83318
(208) 678-5534

8 am to 7 pm Mon - Sat
9 am to 5 pm Sun

Ace Hardware in Rupert, Idaho

Rupert Ace Hardware

201 5th St
Rupert, Idaho 83350
(208) 436-0221

8 am to 7 pm Mon - Sat
9 am to 5 pm Sun

Both Stores Close at 4:00 p.m. on These Holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Wednesday before Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year's Eve

Both Stores are Closed on These Holidays:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day

Meet the Aces!

Andrea Fernau

Assistant Manager, Burley

Autumn Bresnak

Cashier, Burley

Beth Fewkes

Admin Asst, Rupert

Brenda Ruiz

Accounts Receivable, Rupert

Cameron Rand

Paint, Rupert

Chelsea Merrell

Inventory, Burley

Cristal Arteaga

Cashier, Rupert

Cristal Ruiz

Housewares, Rupert

Darlene Jolley

Head Cashier, Burley

Dillon Fewkes

Sales Associate, Burley

Emelene Henscheid

Cashier, Burley

Emma Teal

Cashier, Burley

Hailey Searle

Cashier, Burley

James Kent

Warehouse, Rupert

Joe Ortega

Electrical, Rupert

Julio Chavez

General Manager

Kyrstan Day

Head Cashier, Rupert

Laura Bohle and Letty


Leon Korb

Plumbing, Burley

Lori Newcomb

Assistant Manager, Rupert

Mike Ricondo

Plumbing, Rupert

Nicole Flores

Cashier, Rupert

Nikki Wapstra

Cashier, Burley

Noah Hutchins

Sales Associate, Burley

Rachelle Witt

Cashier, Burley

Renee Rios

Lawn and Garden, Rupert

Rick Hutchins

Lawn and Garden, Burley

Robert Deluna

Tools/Hardware, Burley

Robert Ruiz

Inventory, Rupert

Sandy Smith


Sherry Tolman

Paint, Burley

Ted Dazis

Electrical, Burley

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NOTICE REGARDING AVAILABILITY OF MERCHANDISE AND PRICES. Prices at independent Ace retailers may vary. Some prices may be higher, some may be lower. Due to physical size, merchandising policies and manufacturers' shortages some stores may be unable to stock all items shown. However, most items can be ordered by your Ace dealer and a "Rain Check" can then be issued assuring you of the same price featured. Right reserved to limit quantities. Not responsible for errors. Items not necessarily available in colors shown.